Activity Centre: Hut 25,
Tilgate Recreational Huts,
Tilgate Forest, Crawley

Gymnastics and Fitness Workshops in Crawley

Nicky’s Crawley Gymnastics WorkShops brings together the unique opportunity to go back to basics, offering gymnastics & fitness workshops to young and old in a friendly, relaxed, stress- free environment. We are commited to nurturing and developing young people’s potential and teaching skills for life.

Hi, I am Nicky Webster,

I am a Senior Gymnastics Coach and have over 23 years experience in coaching under British Gymnastics. I have played a major part in running gymnastic development programs in Crawley for the past 17 years.

What are Nicky's Workshops?

Nicky's Workshops provide a range of unique Workshops that are designed to inspire, excite and develop their members. Each workshop involves a comprehensive development programme for each age group. I believe in adapting gymnastics to suit each individual and extending their capabilities.

Our Workshops provide a solution for parents who want a fun activity to take their children to or simply want to work out themselves. Hundreds of parents have expressed to me that there are not enough activities for children and are growing frustrated by waiting on lists with no guarantee of a placement.

Our Crawley workshops cater for: Gymnastics for Babies, Gymnastics for Toddlers, Gymnastics for Juniors, Gymnastics for Teenagers, Fitness 4 parents, Gymnastics for Adults, Fit ‘N’ 50 & Common Sense – Self Defence.

Nicky Webster - Owner of Nicky's Workshops

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